CamScanner Auto v1.0

Free your hands

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    If you know CamScanner app for Android, this project can help you on scanning docs.

    It allows the user to avoid using any button while scanning documents. Only use the proximity sensor to start/stop auto shots.

    Main features:
    - Countdown
    - Space left check on each shot
    - Auto-shots (you will only have to start or stop it using the proximity sensor)

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet
    (It can be deleted after imported)

    · Use the notification to switch on/off the proximity sensor state. (for safety)
    · No manual execution of any task is required. Just import it, enable the App profile, and once CamScanner is opened you can use it.
    · You will need the AutoInput plugin to use it.


    1. Screenshot_2019-09-07-10-45-59-308_com.intsig.camscanner.jpg
    2. Screenshot_2019-09-07-10-46-03-480_com.intsig.camscanner.jpg
    3. Screenshot_2019-09-07-10-46-21-823_com.intsig.camscanner.jpg
    4. Screenshot_2019-09-07-10-47-06-063_com.intsig.camscanner.jpg
    5. Screenshot_2019-09-07-10-47-16-415_com.intsig.camscanner.jpg