CPU Stats v1.0

Check your CPU workload (%) in real time

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This project will give you the possibility to see the usage (%) of your CPU in real time, depending on the workload on each state.

    Main features:
    · Total CPU usage (%) in real time.
    · Statusbar (text) or Overlay display.

    The project is in an experimental state, so expect failures, or errors in the final calculations.

    As I don't have a x86 device, the project will work but will propably not report correct values for CPU usage (regardless of the formula applied, containing errors or not), as the internal Kernel clock is measured in a different clock rate.

    - A rooted device is needed to use this project.
    - Use 'Setup' and 'Setup (UI)' tasks to configure it, and 'Launch' task to use it.
    - To use statusbar info style, AutoNotification will be required.
    - Tasker is not the best way to monitor the CPU usage, as it runs on the main thread. So, use it at your own risk.