Material Color Palette v1.1 (UPDATE)

All the Material Design colors in your hand.

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Here you have a very useful project if you usually work a lot with colors. Well now you will have them more at hand than ever, and without the need of third-party apps.

    Some info about Material Design Colors
    The Google Material Design color palette uses a 10-point scale of 50 to 900, with 50 being the lightest tint, 900 being the darkest shade, and 500 representing the primary color. They also introduce an almost neon-like A-series for most colors (A100, A200, A400, and A700).

    The Material Design color palette comprises primary and accent colors that can be used for illustration or to develop your brand colors. They’ve been designed to work harmoniously with each other.

    - Single tap on second screen to copy color hexadecimal code (with alpha portion), and long tap to copy the same but with HTML format (without alpha portion).



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