[PROFILE] Apps Keep Screen On v1.0

Keep screen on when using apps

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    It will allow the app(s) to be fully usable without the interruption of the Android's screen timeout.

    How to know real max value for my device?
    (+ > Settings > Custom Setting')
    1. Click on the magnifying glass icon, and select 'Find'. Press 'home' button.
    2. Go to the appropriate Android setting on your device, and change the screen timeout to 'never' or similar.
    3. Come back to Tasker and click again on the previous icon. If any changes were detected, they will appear on the screen.

    - To customize the app(s) you want to use, edit the 'AKSOx - Apps' profile.
    - To prevent Android from overwriting max value to 10' (or the maximum for the device), a root variant is included. Which will allow to set the real max value to not turn the screen off (if available). Just edit A3 from 'AKSOB - Enable' task, writing the correct value for your device in the 'Value' field.