[PROFILE] Listen For Volume Changes Dynamically v1.0

Get current audio channel, last value changed and old (previous) value

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    With this profile you can listen for volume changes on every channel, retrieving: current audio channel, last value changed and also the previous (old) value before it got changed. And with a single profile.

    As the profile is right now, it only shows the above mentioned data, so its usefulness will be reduced to that. But it may be useful to you in a future project or profile where you need to identify the audio source or the previous level when it has changed.

    - I don't know why the intent is sent more than once when changes are detected (not documented, or I couldn't find the reason), so a delay of 20ms (optional) is included at the top of the actions within the linked task.
    - The intent is categorized as @hide (not officially documented) and has three extras "officialy" reported: EXTRA_VOLUME_STREAM_TYPE, EXTRA_VOLUME_STREAM_VALUE and EXTRA_PREV_STREAM_VOLUME. But it is sent with an additional extra for me: EXTRA_VOLUME_STREAM_TYPE_ALIAS. So, you can the use my Intent Broadcast Monitor project to check what extras are sent for you actually, if needed.