[PROFILE] Root Checker v1.0

Check if the device keeps having root access

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Some people, unfortunately I'm one of them, are having troubles with the Magisk root core being disabled randomly and suddenly on the Redmi Note 7.
    And who knows? It's maybe happening across other different devices :(

    So, this will periodically check if the device keeps having root access. Otherwise, a notification will be generated when not detected, and will offer you the option to reboot it.

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet
    (It can be deleted after imported)

    - Use it only if necessary.
    - It uses the 'TIME_TICK' intent when rebooted ONLY. The rest of the time longer checks are used (30' by default).
    - All is bundled into a single prj file, so import it as a project.


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