QR WiFi Connect v1.1

Connect to WiFi networks and create your own codes

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This project will help you to automatically connect to a WiFi network by scanning its pre-generated QR code. But also, you will be able to generate your own codes too!

    To add the network to your device and connect to it is as simple as pointing the rear camera to the QR code and Tasker will do the rest for you.

    - Thanks to @GlitchYou for providing the base code that the project was built from. (Here you can find the project where the code was taken from)
    - To use this project you will need the AutoBarcode plugin.
    - To generate codes, an active internet connection is required.
    - Generated codes are locally saved to /storage/emulated/0/Download. (Actually renamed and moved from the original one: /storage/emulated/0/AutoBarcode)


    1. Screenshot_2019-12-29-15-07-24-283_com.joaomgcd.barcode.lite.jpg
    2. Screenshot_2019_12_29_19_45_21_451_net.jpg
    3. Screenshot_2019_12_29_19_45_47_128_net.jpg
    4. Screenshot_2019-12-29-19-45-52-050_android.jpg

Recent Updates

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