Say Time To Avoid Arriving Late v1.0

Help you remember the current time without touching the device

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This project will repeatedly remember you the current time, every 10 minutes by default. Useful when you don't want to check the phone, or take it out of pocket.

    Possible usage:
    - As an example, I like hearing music while walking, and if I have to go to a place on which I need to arrive at a certain time (daily routine), I won't need to take the phone out of my pocket. (don't use to use a smart watch or any)
    - Any other you could imagine...

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet, or when the dev considers it is needed even not imported from TaskerNet.

    - When the project is fully configured by the user ('Setup' task), run the 'Initial Setup' task manually to finish configuration. (this task will only have to be MANUALLY executed on first project import, and on first setup)
    - If you also use Poweramp as your default music player, you can check its intents here. Otherwise, feel free to change according actions by Tasker's built-in ones, or others you could have.
    - The spelled time form from 'Say Time' task was taken from one of my Talking Clock tasks. You can check them here.
    - The default audio channel used to spell time is Multimedia, but you can customize the 'Say Time' task to use your favorite one.