Student Class Recorder v1.0

Never miss what was said in class again

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    If you are a student, and you are worried about not being able to remember what was said exactly in class days ago, or a given date, this project will be quite useful.

    You can also use it, in case you belong to a group, to automate the uploads of each recording to a folder in your GDrive cloud. In this way, everyone will have collaborative access to what was said in class.

    Main features:
    · Fully automated recordings, based on the official hours of each subject (start/end).
    · Automatic (or manual) upload to GDrive. (optional)
    · Auto rename audio files with subject names and time periods.
    · Auto move files to a given directory. (optional)

    Because the project has the ability to listen and record everything that happens around the device itself, you will be solely and ultimately responsible for its consequences of use.
    (listening to and recording private conversations without the consent of any of the parties involved, may be illegal in some countries, and incur legal action)

    - You will only have to configure 'SCR - Setup' and 'SCR - Setup (GDrive)' tasks, plus 'SCR - Time' profile (*). Then, you can control the whole project from within 'SCR - Toggle State' task.
    - If you are going to upload recordings to GDrive, a working Google account will be needed. (Do not forget to set up the 'SCR - Setup (GDrive)' task)
    - I have used 'Hi-Q MP3 Recorder' (intents available) to record audio, as it has many more options than Tasker to enhance audio quality. But you can use yours if you like. Just substitute according actions from both 'SCR - Recording (start)' and 'SCR - Recording (stop)' tasks.
    - (*) The 'SCR - Time' profile is used to automatically set recording time (start/end) for the next day. It's configured to do so at 00:00 at night. But you can customize it, for example, if your classes match those hours.
    - If it happens that you have the same subject in two consecutive periods of time (with rest in between, or not), and want to create separate audio files for each time, for example: Maths at 08:00 to 08:55 and 09:00 to 09:55, write 'Maths,Maths' in 'SCR - Setup' task. Finally, add time as '08.00-08.55,09.00-09.55' in the same task as well.
    - When GDrive uploads are enabled, regardless of whether it is 'auto' or 'manual', only the last recorded session (all recordings during the day) will be uploaded. If you want to upload recordings from previous days, use the 'SCR - Upload Files (manual)' task. (This will upload all files from previous days that have not been uploaded, omitting those already in the cloud)
    - If you are going to use another recording method, or change the default path of Hi-Q MP3 Recorder app, make sure to edit all the actions labeled as 'Yellow'.