System Locale QS Tile v1.0

Easy system locale switch (QS Tile)

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    I have built this project for my personal usage, so I can switch system Locale (Android language) easily between my original language (Spanish) and the one used for all my projects (English), and others in some cases. Now, hope it helps to some of you in some way...

    These are the available versions:
    Tasker QS Tile: It uses one of the 3 QS Tiles included into Tasker (1st in that case), and it changes locale and tile (name) based on predefined locale names (tasks).
    AutoNotification QS Tile: It uses one of the 40 QS Tiles available in AutoNotification (1st in that case), and it changes locale and tile (name) based on predefined locale names (actions).

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet, or when the dev considers it is needed even not imported from TaskerNet.

    - To use this project SecureTask plugin is required.
    - To allow the plugin to change locale in the background, CHANGE_CONFIGURATION permission needs to be granted to it. To do that, run this cmd: pm grant com.balda.securetask android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION.
    - To use QS Tiles from Tasker or AutoNotification, you will need to enable them from the appropriate settings of each app first. Then, add the one that would be linked to the project to the Android QS panel.
    - To customize the project with your own langs use the 'Get Current Locale' task to get locale name.


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