Tasker App Locker v1.0 (v1.2 old one)

Prevent others from using your apps.

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Here is the successor to the set of scenes 'Custom LockScreen Scenes'. Now considered as a project, with the possibility of blocking apps without the need of third-party apps.

    Basically, it is a project that will allow you to have your own app block solution to those applications that you consider necessary.

    These are some of its main features:
    · Four different lock screen styles available: Password (PIN), NockCode, PadLock, Pattern.
    · Switchable from a single task, and Tasker will do the rest.
    · Customizable background lockscreen: images or solid colors.
    · Extra resources available to fully costumize it as you like.
    · And more... (?)


    1. Screenshot_2019-09-14-18-09-42-841_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
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