Tasker Content Viewer v1.3

Get total number of projects, profiles, tasks and scenes from your Tasker

  1. Changelog v1.3

    - Fix: Project loading bar wrong heigh.
  2. Changelog v1.2

    - New: The project can now work for non-rooted devices too. ('Local Auto-Backup Max Age' option, under Tasker's Preferences, must be set to any value except: No Auto-Backups)
  3. Changelog v1.1

    - New: Sidebar to show changes in content, if any, after closing Tasker.
    - New: Menu (list) where you can see the name of each prj, prf, tsk and scn, when clicking on each icon in 'TCV - Information' scene. (Anonymous content is not listed)
    - Other: Small changes.