Tasker Fingerprint Protection v1.0

Unlock Tasker access using the biometric sensor

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This is a project that I created based on a request from a user on the Tasker Feature Requests website.
    Basically, it is about being able to unlock Tasker access through the biometric sensor, using Tasker himself. A different way than the built-in one (PIN).

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet
    (It can be deleted after imported)

    This is only a temporary solution, and ONLY as a demonstration.
    If you want to protect access with this method, it is strongly recommended to use a compatible app, or wait for the developer to incorporate such function officially.

    - You can check the original support ticket here.
    - Two are the versions available to download, depending on the trigger you wanna use. I recommend using the 'Logcat Trigger', much faster.
    - As logcat components and filters may change from device to device, here you have a compatibility list. If you don't find the right for your device, contact us through the TPC chat groups.