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  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This is an initiative that I decided to take to give the possibility to all those users who like to create projects often, and for all those who tend to be aware of the publications of the previous ones.

    That is, a project, also designed entirely in Tasker hehe, that you, as developers, will have the possibility to offer everyone else a real-time follow-up of your work, like: content planned to be created, whatever you are currently working, individualized development progress, history of your work, and much more.

    But it can also be very useful for those developers who like to keep track of their own projects. (I include myself)

    Main features:
    · Real time updates.
    · Automatic and manual checks for changes. (client side)
    · Be aware of dev's current, planned and archived projects.
    · Dedicated history section, with all dev's work.
    · Basic log based on date and time (UTC) for dev's actions.
    · Classify content by: name, type of content (project, task...), description, dedicated changelog, and more.
    · Statusbar notifications for upload/download process of DB files, for both devs and clients, respectively.
    · Include screenshots and download links for all your projects.
    · Stay in touch with your followers in a more direct and personalized way, thanks to the new broadcasting messaging system.

    - Client...
    You as a follower of the developer's projects, these are the things you have to configure in your project:
    1. Take and open the GDrive (PC or Android) link that the developer will provide to you, and add the folder (not the file) that will appear, to your account. (use the 'Add to My Drive' option)
    2. In the project, use the 'TPTB - Setup (UI)' and 'TPTB - Setup (GDrive)' tasks to configure it.
    3. That's all!

    - Developer...
    You as a developer of your projects, these are the things you have to configure in your project:
    1. Go to your GDrive (PC or Android) account, and create the directory/directories where you want Tasker to store the DB file.
    2. Create a share link for the last, if multiple, available directory as: 'Can View' (only).
    3. Then, share that link with your users. (as mine below)
    4. In the project, use the 'TPTA - Setup (UI)' and 'TPTA - Setup (GDrive)' tasks to configure it.
    5. That's all!

    This is the shared folder that you (client) have to import to the root of your GDrive account:
    (Link owner: @SmartPhoneLover)

    - Thanks to @Universo for helping with the SQL statements.
    - A working GDrive account, for both the client and developer, will be needed to use this project.
    - Do not use the 'dash + vertical broken bar + dash' (-¦-) expression in any text field. It is used as a column separator during the data extraction process from the database.
    - Time from logs are in UTC format, automatically converted from the dev's device. So, take that time format into account, compared to where you are.
    - If the original developer of this project (@SmartPhoneLover) considers it necessary to update your databases, due to an internal restructuring of it, the developers have at their disposal the task 'TPTA - Update Database', included in the same project. (Instructions within the same task)
    - Due to a limitation by Tasker, everything related to the text of the 'Menu' elements of the 'TPTX_Main' scene, such as: font type, size, color ..., must be edited individually and manually from each from them. Same for 'Spinner' elements.


    1. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-01-579_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    2. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-12-343_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    3. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-17-803_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    4. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-23-674_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    5. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-37-153_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    6. Screenshot_2019-08-29-22-40-43-987_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    7. Screenshot_2019-08-29-23-00-18-945_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    8. Screenshot_2019-08-29-23-00-24-643_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    9. Screenshot_2019-08-29-23-01-08-636_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg
    10. Screenshot_2019-08-29-23-01-16-855_net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.jpg

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