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  1. Changelog v1.1

    - New: Download links (as simple or clickeable text) and screenshots (as pics) for prj/prf/tsk/scn(s) can now be included. (External links are the only soported ones, in other words, raw data (e.g.: binary) cannot be stored into the database directly)
    - New: Users can now be aware of a more direct way with the new internal message broadcasting system.
    - New: Those scenes that may need to be accessed frequently while editing/previewing info (e.g.: adding download links), can now be restored without loosing any data, or having to reload the whole process. (Use the upper right corner checkbox, if available)
    - New: Added time context profile for Dev's version, to allow uploading the DB automatically once a day.
    - New: All tabs results are now alphabetically sorted (ASC).
    - New: A dot pointer (indicator), just below the 'UPLOAD' button, will tell you if there are changes that you have not shared yet. It will be restored after uploading last changes. (Dev version)
    - Fix: The archived content was possible to publish directly. (Dev side)
    - Fix: Wrong text position for content information scene on 'ARCHIVED' tab.
    - Other: Optimizations on search methods for SQL statements.
    - Other: The date and time format for the internal project log can now be customized from 'TPTA - Setup (UI)' task. (Dev version)
    - Other: Reworked the whole code of both project versions.
    - Other: The value stored into the 'TPTA_temporal' variable when reading db file, was reordered and cleaned up to help developing the project on future versions.
    - Other: DB reworked to allow it storing new data type. (Devs will need to use the 'TPTA - Update Database' task to move data from old to new version of the database: Instructions included within the task itself)
    - Other: Minor fixes that didn't affect the project functionality, but caused arrays() to be created without a real purpose. So they could hinder the use of it in future versions.
    - Other: Changed the way in which some scene elements were working against certain situations, to tell what fields were editable and which ones not (Dev side). And the same for the ones to preview info (Dev and Client side).
    - Other: Now the database needs to be read more times per cycle than on v1.0 when we move from one scene to another, but will prevent 'TPTX_temporal' variable of being overloaded (and truncated) if for whatever reason it could reach maximum storage size. It will also help to track what info comes from and goes to when debugging.
    - Other: Added missing labels (lots of them), to guide the user what each part of the project does.

    * As the database was reworked to allow it to store new data, a full manual clean up of both project versions working directories (/sdcard/Tasker/Resources/*) will be needed. After that, devs and clients, download new 'Resources (ZIP)' file again for v1.1, and place each one where appropriate for each.
    * Clients, do not forget to update your project versions too. Or you won't be able to use new features from v1.1 of dev's project!
    * Devs: Do not worry about the multiple local child variables (local arrays) that may be created when moving between scenes. Info from db won't be affected, as them will be deleted just after closing (not just hidding) previous scenes. Just take care to not reuse them when developing it.
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