TTS Engine Vocalizer v1.0

Convert any text to voice or know the pronunciation of a specific term

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Here I bring you a project that will help you when it comes to knowing the pronunciation of a specific term, or simply when you want to hear a written text.
    Or why not? It can be used in case of not knowing how to pronounce something well, and you need to communicate with another person.

    Main features:
    · Quick access buttons to control speech, plus its preferences (pitch and speed).
    · Big and small panel to work with short or long text.
    · Selection of what TTS engine + voice package to use.
    · User dictionary which will help the TTS engine to pronounce common acronyms or expressions in a more appropiate way.

    To use this project you will need to have at least one TTS engine (+ its voice package) already installed. Otherwise, use 'WaveNet' one, which only requires an active Internet connection.

    - Thanks to @gerardo246 and @bernabap (Reddit) for helping on regex expressions.
    - If you don't know any TTS engine, you can take a look at the IVONA's here or here/here (Reddit). Currently "deprecated", but still giving very good war.
    - To use the different TTS engine(s) plus its voice package(s) you could have installed, use the 'Setup' task (A4) to set them. Add the engine + voice as a group (pair) as 'engine:voice', each separated by comma (,).
    - To use dictionaries with custom terms for a correct pronunciation, use the 'Setup' task (from A5) to set it for each engine/voice you want to use. Add the original term + desired pronunciation as a group (pair) as 'original:desired', each separated by comma (,). Create a new action with the correct IF condition (%par1 ~ engine:voice) for every engine/voice you want to customize the pronunciation.
    - To get the engines and voices that are installed on your device and that have to be configured within 'Setup' task (from A4), create a temporal action (+ > Alert > Say) somewhere. Use the 'magnifying glass' icon from 'Engine:Voice' section, and select the group you would like to have within the project. Then, copy/paste the engine:voice text that will appear to the corresponding action from 'Setup' task.
    - A trick to differentiate a word from another identical according to its context, would be to enclose one of them using quotes ("..."), or any other character you want from the availables within the 'Setup' task. Therefore, the pronunciation correction would apply to one of them only when indicated. (Add the expression to the dictionary as: "jaguar":chaguar)


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