Battery Monitor v1.3

Keep and eye at your battery when charging

  1. Changelog v1.3

    - New: Added 'computeChargeTimeRemaining()' Java method (SDK >= 28) to calculate charge time. (if SDK < 28, auxiliary method will be used)
    - New: (Desktop View), battery color animation, according to its accumulated capacity. (thanks @MeloProfessional) (configure it from 'Setup (UI)' task)
    - New: Battery design capacity (mAh) is now automatically retrieved. (if it fails for whatever reason, or the value is not the right one, use the 'Setup' task to configure it manually)
    - New: (Desktop View), max input from charger (mA, V, W).
    - New: Added 'capacity (%)' and 'temperature (°C/°F)' as charging limits to protect battery. (configure it from 'Setup' task)
    - Fix: Battery current when not in µA (default API) was displaying 1mA results. (specific devices)
    - Fix: Notification not dismissed when unplugged in some cases.
    - Fix: Wrong input current unit definition (mA = speed; mAh = capacity).
    - Fix: Task execution collision when the 'BM - Monitor' profile was triggered many times at once (first plug in).
    - Other: Re-worked 'Initial Setup' task.
    - Other: (Project and Debug Task), root is not needed anymore to retrieve information from '/sys' dir.
    - Other: Updated 'Debug Task' task.
    - Other: Accumulated capacity (mAh) calculation is not retrieved anymore. (the values where not as accurate as decided)
    - Other: Scenes adjusted to be displayed in landscape mode.
    - Other: Other small changes to scenes.
    - Other: Other small changes and fixes.
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