Current App Activity v1.4

Get package, class and activity name from current opened app (foreground)

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This project will allow you to show the app name, package name and class name of current activity. And in real time!

    - The project uses the %(WIN) variable, so it requires to have the 'App Check Method' set as 'Accessibility' to work well, if using the root version. (only if launching it from 'Start' task, not applicable with 'Start (loop)')
    - If you don't mind switching App Check Method manually every time you want to use the project, it's OK. But, an action is included inside 'Setup' task, that will switch such option automatically for you.
    - Logcat Entry profile is set for the non-root version, but you can change the detection method by %(WIN) var if you wish.
    - As logcat components and filters may change from device to device, here you have a compatibility list. If you don't find the right for your device, contact us through the TPC chat groups.


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