Current App Activity v1.4

Get package, class and activity name from current opened app (foreground)

  1. Changelog v1.4

    - New: Non-root version. (Tasker v5.9.beta5 needed)
    - Other: Optimizations.
  2. Changelog v1.3

    - New: Copy activity class to clipboard. (shake it)
    - Other: Rest of preferences moved to 'Setup' task. So, use it to configure the whole project now.
    - Other: Some minor changes.
  3. Changelog v1.2

    - New: Added an alternative method (dumpsys input). (Thanks to @Killer7Mod)
    - New: Loop method check, which will help the values update faster, if necessary. (Use the 'CAA - Launch (loop)' task to use it)
  4. Changelog v1.1

    - Fix: Missing notification category for Android Oreo+.
    - Fix: Not showing any value on some devices. (1° attempt) (Thanks to @GeovanDamasceno for testing)
    - Other: Allow to get info from current foreground app just after launching the task.
    - Other: Notification as permanent, to avoid being dismissed accidentally.
    - Other: UI improvements.