Tasker Clock Screensaver v1.2

Your own clock screensaver using Tasker

  1. Changelog v1.2

    - New: Battery level.
    - New: Next alarm (if set).
    - Fix: Position of elements not readjusted when the device was rotated. (Position fix only happened at time change)
    - Other: Increased animation delay (+1500ms) for a smoother experience.
    - Other: Moved some settings to 'Setup' task.
    - Other: Changed the way how elements are positioned, based on fixed offsets now. (*)
    - Other: Added some labels.
    - Other: Minor changes.

    * Not really the best solution, but will make things easier for maintaining. It doesn't affect dynamic elements positioning, but manual offsets will have to be configured in 'Update Time' task manually, based on the position of each element (except for 'Text (clock)') from the scene.
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